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Uju was a poor girl from a poor family living with Maria as a housemaid. But Uju was not good, and Maria was not kind. It was a case of incessant friction. When Gozie, Uju's young teacher was thrown into the mix, an explosion became imminent.
Her Name is Angel
An ordinary circumstance brought Simon and Tricia together, but the extraordinary essence of love held them together. But when she was threatened and she learned more about him, she had to decide if she loved him enough to know whom he really was.
The Beauty and the Saint
Sex is a wonderful gift of God. But when it is abused, it becomes a source of disease, worry, emotional and marriage breakdowns. How can sex be abused? How can we avoid misusing this gift? This book can help a Christian in the fight against sexual immorality!
This Thing Called Sex

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Young girls all over the world have been used, abused, and refused. Many have been subjected to unsavoury experiences, which could have been avoided if they had known some truths in their early ages.
Girls and Their World
Stanley was a ten-year old pupil. He was a very stubborn pupil. He never respected his elders and would always quarrels with his mates. And he was not intelligent.
But a time came when he no longer liked the way he was. He now wanted to be a good intelligent boy. So he repented and prayed to God.
6od heard his prayers and changed him. And that is his miracle.
Staley's Miracle
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